How It Works

We assign every customer a dedicated local and/or toll-free number (no need to change your existing office phone number).  When your patient's calls are routed to our office our sophisticated software will identify those calls are from your medical facility by displaying your company's name, how you'd like our receptionists to greet your callers, what information you'd like us to communicate to your callers, and your message delivery preferences.

Option 1
(Direct Dial Alternate Number)

We'll provide you with a dedicated number to provide to your customers as an 'alternate number' when you'll be unavailable to answer their calls; resulting in your calls being routing to our office.


You can place this number on your company website, business cards/promotions, or record a backup voicemail greeting advising your callers to call your alternate number whenever you'll be unable to take calls. 

Option 2
(Call Forwarding Option)

When you're unavailable to answer your phone simply forward your calls to the dedicated number we assign your business by enabling the 'call forwarding feature'. All cell phone and landline service providers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. offer this feature with any post paid account.


Basically, you control when you need us to answer your calls by enabling and disabling the call forwarding feature at your convenience directly from your phone.

Option 3
(Conditional Call Forwarding)

This option is somewhat similar to option 2, however by using the 'conditional call forwarding feature', your calls will first ring to your office phone for 3-5 rings. If you do not answer, or are on another call your calls will then automatically route to our office via your direct dial number.


*Even if you have voice mail provisioned on your phone your callers will not be connected to your voicemail when your conditional call forwarding feature is active.