How We Assist Healthcare Professionals & Medical Facilities

Ring A Physician Can Help With:

Comprehensive Medical Answering Services

In today’s 24/7, interconnected world, there aren’t many healthcare organizations that wouldn’t benefit from extended business hours and improved call center communications. As a result, the utilization for medical answering services are almost endless. From solo physicians in need of daytime office support to large practices juggling dozens of on-call providers and after-hours patient emergencies, there are a multitude of medical professionals who rely on Ring A Physician to support their call answering needs.


Delivering 24 Hour Medical Coverage

Healthcare needs don’t stop when your office close, and if your office is busy, patients won’t enjoy waiting on hold or receiving your voicemail. Ring A Physician medical receptionists are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year including holidays. Whether we’re answering after hours patient calls or simply providing overflow coverage for those busy periods when your front desk staff can’t take every call, you can always rely on our team of medical receptionists to virtually answer calls on your behalf.

Built to Fit Your Practice

Every account is setup to serve the specific needs of the facility and its providers, patients, and nurses and other staff members to deliver the precise mix of call coverage and messaging services you need to maintain operations. We can also switch answering schedules based on shift changes.


Improving Patient Call Quality

Calls to your medical practice are important, and every detail impacts the quality of care your patients receive. From the tone of the receptionist’s voice to their level of understanding and ability to efficiently process the patient’s request, every step presents an opportunity to either improve the quality of care or make a bad situation worse. We recognize the importance of these calls and train every receptionist to ensure each and every call helps your practice deliver an outstanding patient experience.


Friendly Medical Receptionists

Ring A Physician can ensure you that there will always be someone available to answer your calls. Our call center receptionists are highly trained to deliver the level of service your patients expect without the traditional costs of maintaining in-office staff.


Secure HIPAA Compliant Communications

Every aspect of our medical answering service is HIPAA compliant. From the telephone recordings and software systems to the encrypted methods used to deliver secure communications every step of the process is setup to ensure patient privacy remains fully intact.